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About Dr. Todd Drybread

Prior to becoming a Chiropractor and health coach, Dr. Todd Drybread worked in the health care field for over 13 years as an E.M.T., Nurse and lifeguard.  He continued (and still does continue) to increase his education and later became a Qualified Medical Examiner, Personal Trainer, Certified Exercise Specialist and has had over 300hrs of Yoga Teacher Training.  He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  He began practicing in the Folsom/Sacramento area in January 2001.


While adjusting styles differ from chiropractor to chiropractor, Dr. Todd’s adjusting methods consist of a handful of techniques to meet individual needs.  As a Doctor, Exercise Specialist, Yoga Teacher and Triathlete, Dr. Todd has a great knowledge of 

proper biomechanics of the body and proper rehabilitation.  More specifically his adjustments are gentle and have powerful results.  


Unlike most other chiropractors, Dr. Todd is very proud of the attention that he devotes toward your entire body and well being.  Many doctors and chiropractors use their treatments as bandaids to temporarily fix the pain or problem.   Rather than a quick adjustment and sending you on your way, Dr. Todd provides exercises, stretches and other tools for you to help take control and address your underlying issues.   Many factors go into your well-being and all those factors are taken into account when visiting Dr. Todd.


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